Band 2

October 8th 2020 – ATTENTION BAND 2 NA’s & HCSW’s!!!

UNISON Fife Health Branch has successfully reached an agreement with NHS Fife for a new Band 3 job description. If you have already submitted an application form to us your SCN will be in touch in due course with notification of the outcome of your application and details of the next steps.

If you have not submitted an application you will be contacted by your SCN in due course.

Please be patient.


June 6th, 2019  – UNISON Scotland is looking to ensure that there is parity across health boards regarding staff in Health Care Assistant/Auxiliary Nurse Band 2/3 roles.

Speak to your local steward for a job evaluation form or contact us at
unisonfifehealth@outlook.com or on Ext 25756.

Take action

Please contact us for a Job Evaluation Form if you think you are eligible.

Band 2 Job Evaluation

Band 2 Questionnaire

July 19th, 2019 – Our Branch Secretary has met with the HR manager assigned to job re-evaluation and they have started the process of sorting through them.
Please remember that this is a manual task that will be time consuming and we will update members affected as soon as we are able to.
Thank you to everyone who returned our questionnaire.

Band 2 Update

October 24th, 2019 – This does not apply to Mental Health Staff.
Auxiliary Nurses/Nursing Assistant Band 2 update.
A Short Life Working Group has been formed and will meet on 1st November 2019.
This group consists of Staff Side Representatives, Heads of Nursing and Senior Human resources Managers.
The purpose of the group is to agree a process to assess each application individually against an agreed job description.
We will be in touch with members in due course.

Band 2 Update SLWG Meeting

31st October 2019 – Please note that the Short Life Working Group Meeting due to be held tomorrow requires to be re-arranged.
Please accept our apologies for the late notification of this.
We will keep you informed of the re-arranged date.
We have received a lot of queries from members regarding the outcome of this meeting and we would like to remind members that the purpose of this meeting is to agree a process on how to move this forward, nothing more.
Nobody’s claim will be looked at until that is agreed.

Meeting Date

28th November 2019 – The Short Life Working Group will meet on Friday 6th December to begin the process of agreeing the claim assessment method.

Please note that nobody’s claim will be looked at on the 6th and no decision on anyone’s claim will be made until the Short Life Working Group concludes its work in early to mid January at the earliest.

Update 8th January 2020

8th January 2020 – The Short Life Working Group met today to discuss and agree a process.

A new Job Description is being worked up and is expected to be submitted to a Job Matching panel in February.

Once that is complete we will start to contact the members concerned so that we can begin to process the applications.

We have a record of everyone’s application and we will not forget about you.

Update 26th February 2020

The Job valuation Panel met on Friday 21st February 2020 and agreed a Band 3 Job Description for HCSW/Nursing Auxiliaries in NHS Fife.

Each individual staff member who has applied to us to have their band 2 job evaluated will be written to by NHS Fife in the next few weeks and asked to come in for a one to one meeting to establish whether or not you meet the criteria laid out in the new job description & if so you will be given the opportunity to sign up to it.

We will accompany you to that meeting if you want us to.

Please contact us on here or ring us on ext 25756 if that is the case.