Wendy McConville

Role: Branch Chair

Contact Wendy McConville

Andrew Verrecchia

Role: Branch Secretary

Contact Andrew Verrecchia

Wilma Brown

Role: Branch Treasurer

Contact Wilma Brown

Paul Hayter

Role: Branch Education Officer

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Louise Noble

Role: Branch Communication Officer

Contact Louise Noble

Conn Gillespie

Role: Branch Health and Safety Officer

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Billy Freeman

Role: Branch International Officer

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Yvonne Batehup

Role: Branch Welfare Officer

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Caroline Somerville

Role: Branch Women's Officer

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Lorna Sherriffs

Role: Branch Steward

Contact Lorna Sherriffs

Reiny Turner

Role: Branch Steward

Contact Reiny Turner

Willie Campbell

Role: Branch Steward

Contact Willie Campbell

Jackie Millen

Role: Branch Steward

Contact Jackie Millen
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