Yvonne Batehup UNISON Fife Health Branch Welfare Officer

Here’s a brief introduction to our charity

  • What is There for You?

There For You is our General Welfare Charity.

  • What services are on offer?

There for you supports members with:

– Financial Assistance to suit a range of circumstances

– Debt Advice for when paying your debts is a major worry

– Wellbeing Breaks covering a range of situations

– Information and Support on a wide range of subjects

All of the above are offered as a confidential service.

  • How do you Find Help and speak to your local Welfare Officer?

I can be contacted via the Contact Us page on this Website or follow the link on this page to the UNISON Scotland There For You webpage.

Now that the introduction has been completed here is a note of what has happened in the last year and what is planned for the year to come.

Last year there was a large push to encourage members to use the service and to promote within. I feel that we are getting there but there is a lot of folk out there who don’t know about our wonderful charity.

It is now, more than ever due to constant cuts and welfare changes that our members need our help and support. Without breaking any confidentiality I can assure you that a number of our local members have been helped and assisted through the charity in the last year.

Branch Welfare Officers including myself enjoyed a successful seminar in Clydebank in November kicked off with a rousing speech from UNISON President Gordon McKay.

The reality is in Gordon’s own words “We are witnessing the return of poverty and diseases of the 19th century. Welfare cuts of 17% since the Tories took office. Families are worse off under new welfare systems”.

This coming year our committee is taking on the challenge of organising a nationwide (Scotland Region) raffle. A licence has been obtained and the committee are keen to get moving on this exciting venture. Keep an eye out for information coming your way about this Nationwide Raffle.

As a member please help promote our services and if any further information, posters or flyers are required for your workplace please get in touch.